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CONET - A Content Centric Inter-Networking Architecture: Plans to use FIRE Experimental Facilities

Presenter: Nicola Blefari Melazzi


The CONVERGENCE project proposes to enhance the Internet with a content-centric, publish-subscribe service model, based on the Versatile Digital Item (VDI): a common container for all kind of digital content, derived from the MPEG21 standard. In this talk, we introduce CONVERGENCE’s content-centric network called CONET. A CONET is an inter-network that provides users with a network access to remote named-resources (e.g. contents). CONET is compatible with the “clean-slate” and “overlay” approaches to CCN. In addition, we propose an “integration” approach, which extends the IP layer with a new header option that supports CCN functionality. We also present our ideas to exploit FIRE Experimental facilities, with particular reference to the OFELIA infrastructure.