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FIRE Roadmapping Initiative 2014

The AmpliFIRE project with the support of the FIRE community will develop a roadmap for Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) within the Horizon 2020 program. The objective of the roadmap is to identify how the FIRE can move forward via a series of key developments and milestones to achieve the advancements in testbed facilities and services that will create state of the art facilities for future experimental research. During 2014, and in close interaction with the European Commission, the FIRE Roadmapping initiative will provide inputs to the Horizon 2020 LEIT work program 2016-2017 as regards FIRE.

The FIRE roadmap covers milestones in the timeframe of 2014 – 2020. The roadmap is built on four ingredients:

  • What is changing? The roadmap will be grounded upon observed changes in the FIRE landscape, in order for the roadmap to be relevant. These changes include testbed technologies, methodologies and services as well as the demands of experimenters and emergence of new types of users.
  • What is our vision? Built upon the AmpliFIRE radar vision, that identifies the key facility infrastructures, service scenarios and operational models for the future. The roadmap will prioritize these visions and present the future targets for the roadmap to move towards.
  • What are the challenges? These challenges for realizing the vision include technical, governance and legal issues.
  • What are the solutions responding to these challenges, and how to implement them? The roadmap concludes with envisaged solutions as regards technical, organisational, legal issues and prepares for an action plan towards sustainability.

The FIRE Roadmap activity will proceed via a series of interactions within the FIRE Community, in the form of workshops, teleconferences, electronic polls, and supported by this wiki.

Workshop Reports

Name Date and Location Report
1st Amplifire FIRE Roadmap workshop March 17 2014, Athens FIA 2014 - 1st FIRE Roadmap Workshop
FIRE Board, Technology Roadmap workshop September 18 2014, Munich FIRE Board Technology Workshop
2nd AmpliFIRE FIRE Roadmap workshop October 2014 (tbc)
Final AmpliFIRE FIRE Roadmap workshop April 2015 (tbc)

Roadmap Polls

Poll Topic Form Results
1 FIRE and SME engagement [1] Poll 1 Summary
2 FIRE's Service Offering [2] Poll 2 Summary
3 To be announced