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Concept and Background

The Internet is one of the key enablers to tackle the societal grant challenges considered within the Horizon 2020 vision (Health, Energy, Transport, Inclusion ...). It is of utmost importance that the evolution of the Internet (the “Future Internet”) takes into account these grand challenges and that the research and development in this domain gets access to advanced tools and experimental infrastructures to validate new solutions at different levels. FIRE is approaching experimentation from two angles: the “FIRE facilities”, i.e. test beds or groups of test beds that offer services to experimenters for advanced Future Internet related experimentations; and “FIRE research projects”, which investigate new concepts and issues in relation with Future Internet, and can also, perform Future Internet experimentations. Supporting a wide range of innovative experimentations allows the right pieces to be put together. In this respect FIRE is a critical enabler.

In this context the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) Initiative under the lead of the FIRESTATION support action organises a two days engineering workshop that will give the opportunity to interested experts meet and discuss the different aspects of the endeavour.

Target audience

In particular the work is aimed at:

  • Operators of experimental infrastructures for the future Internet
  • Researchers applying an experimentally driven research methodology towards systems and services for the future Internet
  • Sector experts that seek to trial domain solutions in experimental environments
  • Policy makers that seek to understand the trends and future developments in the area of future Internet and their interrelations with the grand societal challenges

Workshop date and duration

  • 6-7 November 2012

The current plan is 2 full days.

Start will be in the morning on the first day and finish by 15:00 on the second day.


  • The registration fee €200.00

Workshop location

Ghent, Belgium co-located with the Creative Media Days event organised by IBBT.

Proposed structure

It is proposed to structure the FIRE engineering workshop in three parts:

  • Introduction of new experimentation projects (6 Nov.)
  • Status and progress of available experimental facilities (6 Nov.)
  • Experimentation results from the research community (7 Nov.)

Call for abstracts