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Future Internet Research and Experimentation - FIRE

What is FIRE?

The Future Internet Research and Experimentation - FIRE - Initiative is addressing the need to experiment with networks, creating a multidisciplinary environment for investigating and experimentally validating highly innovative and revolutionary ideas for new networking and service paradigms. FIRE offers a discipline, a platform and tools for trying out innovative ideas for the Future Internet. FIRE is promoting the concept of experimentally-driven research as conducted by various research projects, combining visionary academic research with the wide-scale testing and experimentation that is required for industry. Among others, FIRE helps to create a dynamic, sustainable, large-scale European Experimental Facility, which is constructed by gradually connecting and federating existing and upcoming testbeds for Future Internet technologies.

For further information about FIRE, how to use FIRE experimental facilities, or how to contribute to FIRE, please check the FIRE information portal at:

The FIRE brochure and other publications downloadable at:

You can contact FIRE office by filling-in the questionnaire at: or by sending Email to FIRE contact.

The FIRE facility is real – Let’s use it!

At your service,

AmpliFIRE project team

FIRE wiki

This wiki should serve as a tool for self-organisation of the FIRE community. The wiki is open for now and I hope that we will not have to switch to invitations for editing access. If we restrict the wiki please or if you have other requests send a message to FIRE contact.

FIRE events

CI-FIRE/EIT ICT Labs and FanTaaStic Workshop, 27 June 2014, Paris

FIRE @ FIA Athens, Greece, 17-20 March 2014

Testbed Interoperability Workshop, Athens, 17 March 2014, pre-FIA workshop

FIRE @ ICT2013 Vilnius Lithuania, 6-8 November 2013

FIRE at Future Internet (FI) week in Dublin, Ireland, May 7-10 2013

2nd International Workshop on Measurement-based Experimental Research Methodology and Tools (May 7, 2013)

FIRE Engineering Workshop in Ghent, Belgium, 6-7 November 2012

Concept and Objectives of FIRE engineering workshop

Preliminary agenda of FIRE engineering workshop

Registration for the FIRE engineering workshop

FIRE at Future Internet (FI) week in Aalborg, Denmark, May 2012

FIRE event Poznan

FIRE research workshop in Budapest, 16 May 2011

Background, purpose and scope

Agenda - Budapest, 16 May 2011

FIRE Open Calls

CONFINE Open call: The CONFINE project is organizing two open calls to attract external experimenters to our facilities. This first open call will close on Friday October 19, at 17:00h Brussels time.

The CONFINE project is designing, building and operating a distributed testbed to support experimental research in community networking: The Community-Lab testbed offers a group of computers and network links installed as part of existing community networks.

FIRE Architecture Board

FIRE Architecture Collaboration Topics

Topic Motivation Expected Outcome Status Project Stakeholders AB Lead Supporting People
Experimental Lifecycle Management Tools To raise awareness of project objectives and resulting technologies used to support activities within the experiment lifecycle Identification of new cross-project collaboration topics Active All facility building projects Jerker Wilander Michael Boniface
Roadmapping Input to Horizon 2020&support to experimenters ?? Active Serge Fdida Jerker Wilander
FIRE Sustainability To explore models for sustainability of the FIRE facility projects into FP8 Input to FP8 planning for the EC Active All facility building projects Jacques Magen John Barr
Benchmarking To share experiences of benchmarking techniques within experimental methodology Peer-reviewed paper (end-2011) Active CREW (lead), BonFIRE, OneLab2 Ingrid Moerman Stephen Phillips, Stefan Bouckaert, Jono Vanhie-Van Gerwen
User-Centred Experimentation and Living Labs To explore operational, technical, legal and ethical challenges of user participation within experiments TBD New FIREball (lead), SmartSantander, TEFIS Michael Nilsson José M. Hernández-Muñoz, Annika Sallstrom, Michael Boniface
International Cooperation ?? TBD New ?? Serge Fdida ??
Experiment Descriptors for IoS BonFIRE and TEFIS are targeting IoS experiments but have taken a different approach to architecture. BonFIRE is bottom up (testbed centric) and TEFIS is top down (user centric). At the centre of this is the experiment descriptor which is underdevelopment by both projects. Exploring how each project approachs this topic may result in sharing of technology Share technical implementations between TEFIS and BonFIRE New BonFIRE (lead), TEFIS Kostas Kavoussanakis Brian Pickering, Ally Hume

FIRE Architecture Board meetings

It was anticipated to have an "extended" architecture board meeting in Budapest. The FIRE research workshop does not replace X-AB meeting

Instead the Architecture Board meeting will be organised on the 17 May 2011

Architecture Board meeting, Budapest, 17 May 2011

FIRE Board Workshop: Technology Trends in Future Internet Testbeds, September 18th 2014, Munich

Learning-capable Communication Networks (LCCN) =

The FP7 ECODE Project dedicated to the application of learning paradigms and techniques to control processes of communication networks, is currently working at establishing a Research Group (RG) at the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF). If you (as individual)/your project are/is interested in this research activity, would like to propose additional study cases, or have already obtained similar experimental results by applying e.g. machine-learning, neuro-science/bio-inspired learning techniques, you are kindly invited to contact us at the Learning-Capable Communication Networks (LCCN) Google Site or share your interests/results on the IRTF discussion list.

Further information is available at LCCN Group Site and reading material at

FIRE Future

FIRE Roadmapping Initiative 2014

FIRE Technology Working Group

FIRE Focal Point

Call for Ideas and Networking for Future Internet Research Experimentation - FIRE

European Commission is pleased to inaugurate this FIRE Focal Point with the purpose of collecting your ideas, comments and suggestions and stimulate networking for future FIRE activities under the ICT-Work Programme 2013.


- Through the FIRE Group at LinkedIN where you can comment on the themes in WP2013 and propose more topics or make suggestions for future activities. You can also use the group for virtual discussions and to find potential partners by spotting synergies and future collaborations with other actors in the FIRE-related activities field.

More information at: EC/FIRE web

ICT Proposers' Day 2012

26 - 27 September 2012, Warsaw, Poland

This event will offer a networking opportunity to build quality partnerships for participating in the new Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme for 2013.

Presentation of project ideas, first-hand information from European Commission officials, practical guidance on how to submit a proposal and much more will be provided during the event.

More information: ICT Proposers' Day 2012 web