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FIRE research workshop

The research workshop is a Future Internet Week event.

The plan is that the research workshop is held in Budapest, on 16 May 2011

Tentative agenda for FIRE research workshop


The current projects and initiatives under the umbrella of Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) have two related dimensions:

  • Promoting experimentally-driven long-term, visionary research on new paradigms and networking concepts and architectures for the Future Internet
  • Building large-scale experimentation facilities to support both medium- and long- term research on networks and services by gradually federating existing and new testbeds for emerging or Future Internet technologies.

To date the focus of FIRE workshops and conferences has been on the experimental facilities.

Focus and motivation

There is to date no suitable event where projects and their corresponding researchers meet and discuss their approaches and results outside the standard dissemination avenues typically organised in the context of EC projects’ concertation meetings. Very little opportunity exists to directly and multi-laterally exploit feedback from these meetings.

The focus of the FIRE research workshop will be on the experimentally driven research dimension of FIRE and in particular, to improve the visibility and the involvement of the experimental-driven FIRE projects as well as increase researcher attendance and their active participation to FIRE events and workshops.

This should lead to a scientific and technical discussion forum that will allow projects and researchers working on similar subjects to share and challenge their ideas and results with their peers. By offering this opportunity the workshop aims at increasing the incentives for researchers’ participation, without intending to replace or compete with established research conferences and workshops.


To implement the above ambition it is proposed to set up a small scale forum in the form of a workshop, which allows researchers to share and discuss their experimental research results and best practices by means of short, targeted and well scoped presentations.

By structuring them by similar research topics or objectives (multi-media/content networking, wireless, self-adaptive/cognitive networks, routing system, etc.), researchers would be able to challenge, compare and contrast practices, methodologies, and in particular obtained results.

The first FIRE research workshop will be a full day workshop starting at 9:00 CET and finishing at 17:00


The mode of operation shall remain simple to be effective, agendas and material will be organized by means of the FIRE Wiki (e.g. A moderator shall control certain properties of the workshop, like maximum number of presentations, sessions, topics, etc.

The forum should be opened to any FIRE project participant.

Expected outcome(s)

The outcome of such initiative should be the production of a compendium of results to be made available online through the Wiki and opened to further online discussions and improvements. The outcome of the FIRE research workshop shall be at least a plan for the production of above compendium.