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BonFIRE offers a multi-site cloud testbed that supports large scale testing of applications, services and systems over multiple geographically distributed, heterogeneous Cloud testbeds. BonFIRE's aim is not to provide production environment for Cloud applications, but instead to provide an infrastructure that gives experimenters the ability to control and monitor the execution of their experiments that is not found in traditional Cloud facilities. To do so, BonFIRE interconnects with several heterogeneous Cloud testbeds, from public to private Cloud infrastructures. Also, to enable the BonFIRE users a high-level network control in their experiments, BonFIRE federates with different network facilities such as FEDERICA and AutoBAHN.


David García Pérez, Konstantinos Kavoussanakis, Celia Velayos López, Jordi Jofre and Giada Landi


Multi-cloud, Future Internet, Internet of Services, Testbed, Bandwidth on Demand, Cloud Computing